Wondering About Those Strange Colored Marks Appearing On The Skin Of So Many Olympic Athletes?

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It’s Kinesiotape, The Same Stuff Physical Therapists Have Already Been Using For Years…

kinesiotape-web-picThe Summer Olympics is the world’s biggest sporting event, and has a record breaking 36 million Americans watching nightly. Athletes are wearing braces, wraps, and tape as they coax their bodies into top performance.  With so many banned substances, Kinesiology Tape is one of the few approved performance enhancing medical devices allowed and is sturdy enough that it holds up during the fiercest world class competition.  Even Lance Armstrong had a ringing endorsement of kinesiotape in his book Every Second Counts.

Kinesiotape – The Weekend Warrior’s Secret Weapon

Although kinesiotape’s recent boom in popularity can be attributed to national exposure from athlete use, the majority of users are non-athletes.  It is also different that athletic tape in that it stretches to allow movement. Kiniseotape is used for:

  • Decreasing pain
  • Ability to treat without interfering in daily activities
  • Proprioception (know where your body is in space)
  • Decreasing swelling after an injury or surgery
  • Helping to get the fascia, joints and muscles moving in correct patterns
  • Helping to get muscles to relax or fire


Just remember that all layers of your body are interconnected and kinesiotape has a ripple effect when applied.  It can change multiple layers in the body, changing how your whole body moves and functions.

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