You may have received paperwork called an Explanation of Benefits or an EOB. For starters, an EOB is not a bill – it is simply a piece of correspondence to help you understand what costs you and your insurance company will each be held responsible for in the near future. This statement is provided by insurance companies for services and or products which have already occurred or have been purchased and which may or may not be covered. It explains how your benefits were applied to a particular insurance claim including but not limited to, date(s) of service, amount billed, amount covered by each party or how much has been applied towards your deductible.


Many times, a co-payment is required prior to any appointment or treatment. At Franklin Rehabilitation, we collect a partial payment (or co-payment) at each visit where a deductible has not yet been met. This per-appointment payment is required by most insurance companies until a patient’s personal deductible is met. The deductible amount is different for each individual and that information can be easily found out from a person’s health insurance company.


For more information on insurance EOBs, co-payments or what insurances we accept, please feel free to contact us prior to your visit.