Franklin Rehabilitation Offers Neck Pain Treatment in Franklin, WI

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If you’re looking for effective treatment for your neck pain in Franklin, WI, then talk to our team at Franklin Rehabilitation.


Our team is ready to help you find relief from your chronic neck pain. We have years of experience treating patients in the Franklin, WI area. Our evidence-based physical therapy helps you find lasting relief from your chronic pain.

Benefits of evidence-based neck pain treatment

You may need neck pain treatment for a variety of reasons. For instance, you may have gotten into a fender bender recently, or perhaps you sit slumped over your desk all day. Regardless of the cause of your neck pain, evidence-based therapies are the most effective tools to assist you when you’re looking for ways to reduce the strength or longevity of your pain.


Therapists use evidence-based therapies at Franklin Rehabilitation. Scientific studies and clinical trials have proven that these techniques are effective. Since we only want to give our patients the highest quality treatment, we only use techniques proven to be effective.  


Some of the evidence-based therapies in use by our team include dry-needling, manual therapy and electrical stimulation.


At Franklin Rehabilitation, our evidence-based therapies can provide many benefits when they are included in your treatment plan. These benefits include the fact that:


  • 81 percent of our patients report that their pain is immediately reduced
  • Evidence-based therapies may allow for quicker recovery of neck mobility
  • These therapies may reduce your need for pain medications


With all these benefits and more, evidence-based therapies in your Franklin Rehabilitation neck pain treatment plan may help you to get rid of your neck pain faster and keep it away.

Schedule your neck pain treatment with Franklin Rehabilitation

At Franklin Rehabilitation’s 7253 S. 76th St. location in Franklin, WI, our team can help you find the most effective path for you to treat your pain.


We provide an initial assessment of your condition that will ensure you have an official condition diagnosis and a detailed summary of your recommended treatment plan. This way, you’ll know what steps you need to take to deal with your neck pain.


To find out more about our evidence-based treatment plans or to schedule an initial assessment, contact the Franklin Rehabilitation team today.