Seeking the Benefit of Post-Surgery Rehab in Franklin, WI

Benefit of Post-Surgery Rehab

If you’ve just had joint replacement surgery, you are probably looking for a physical therapist to help you recover. Physical therapy after surgery can help your muscles and tissues heal, and help you restore your range of motion faster.


Our team at Franklin Rehabilitation in Franklin, WI is here to help. We offer personalized post-surgical treatment to help you heal faster after a procedure. We also work closely with you to make sure you hit your rehabilitation goals.


Take a moment to read through the benefits of post-surgical therapy, and call us with any questions.

The Benefits of Post-Surgery Rehab From Franklin Rehabilitation

Joint replacement surgeries, such as knee, hip and shoulder, can be difficult to recover from without the right help. Without physical therapy, your recovery time may last longer than expected.


Our team at Franklin Rehab can help you find the techniques and treatments to help shorten your rehab experience after surgery. Our personalized physical therapy plans may provide you with benefits that include:


  • Decreasing postoperative pain
  • Reducing the inflammation in and around your joint
  • Helping you to restore your range of motion
  • Providing you with routines for the self-management of your recovery


All of these benefits make post-surgery rehab plan a great tool to help you recover from your joint replacement surgery.

How to Get a Franklin Rehabilitation Post-Surgery Rehab Plan

If you’re looking for a helpful and comprehensive rehab plan after having joint replacement surgery, the Franklin Rehabilitation team at our 8800 S. 102nd St. location is here for you.


Our treatment starts with an initial evaluation of your condition and upcoming surgery. We will work with you to create a personalized recovery plan based on your condition, current lifestyle and rehabilitation goals. To learn more about our rehabilitation program, contact us today.