Neck pain treatment may work well for mechanical neck issues

Neck Pain

There are many types of neck issues that may be addressed with neck pain treatment. One type of neck problem Franklin Rehabilitation may be able to help you treat is mechanical neck problems. 


At Franklin Rehabilitation, we have been working with patients in the Franklin, Wisconsin area for years. Our team believes that physical therapy isn’t just about your therapist telling you what to do. It’s a partnership where both of you must work together to ensure the best possible results from your therapy. This partnership also requires that you understand as much about your neck issue as possible. For instance, it’s important for you to know whether your neck problem is a mechanical neck problem because this knowledge may affect your neck treatment plan with us. 

Mechanical conditions our neck pain treatment may help treat

Neck pain treatment is possible for two categories of neck problem. Our team knows that one of these categories is mechanical neck conditions. However, we’re also aware that you may not know what a mechanical neck condition is. Mechanical neck problems are conditions where there is something physically wrong with one of the structures in your neck. These neck issues don’t usually require surgery, and tend to respond well to our physical therapy plans. 


This category of neck condition contains several distinct neck issues. One of these issues is spinal misalignment. Our team usually sees spinal misalignment that results from an accident or other traumatic injuries. Some things that may cause this mechanical neck problem are sports injuries and car accident injuries. For instance, the muscles on one side of your neck could get injured, and if they aren’t treated, they could shorten and pull your neck vertebrae out of alignment. 


Arthritis is another condition we see that’s in the mechanical neck condition category. Arthritis can occur in any of your body’s joints, and your spine is actually made up of many joints. Each of your vertebrae is joined to its neighbor by a disc of cartilage that forms a flexible joint, which allows your spine to bend. However, we also know that over time or due to injury the cartilage between vertebrae can be worn down or damaged. This wearing and damage leads to spinal arthritis. 


Mechanical neck conditions can cause you to experience pain and other symptoms, which may drastically and negatively affect your quality of life. Our team at Franklin Rehabilitation is ready to help you fight back against your mechanical neck conditions. We even make it easy for you to get started with your treatment by offering free initial screenings. Contact one of our locations in Franklin, Wisconsin today to schedule your free pain screening.