Dry needling: What it is and benefits it may provide for you

Dry Needling

Franklin Rehabilitation has many physical therapies they can use on your injuries, and these therapies include dry needling. This type of therapy may have several benefits for your injury. 


Our team at Franklin Rehabilitation is proud to serve the residents of Franklin, Wisconsin. We offer physical therapy that may help treat a variety of conditions. However, we believe that the most important part of our job is helping you get the best possible results from your therapy. One way that we show this belief is by having you work with the same therapy team in every session. This continuity allows you and your team to better track your progress and develop a trusting relationship. A therapy that requires just such a trusting relationship is dry needling. 

The dry needling process and how it may benefit your injury

When you first hear the name dry needling, you may be distinctly uneasy. Our therapists know that many people aren’t fond of needles. But, once you understand the process of this treatment and its potential benefits, we think you’ll change your mind about it. 


Our therapists perform dry needling by using very thin needles. Our patients tell us that the needle insertion doesn’t hurt, but feels like a poke on your skin. We insert these needles into trigger points near your injury. These trigger points may include muscles, ligaments or tendons. The needles allow us to bring relief to structures that aren’t reachable with other forms of therapy, such as massage. 


By inserting these needles, we can create a twitch response in your muscles, tendons and ligaments that may be very beneficial to your injury. Our team typically sees benefits from this type of therapy that include: 

  • Higher levels of pain relief
  • Significantly reduced muscle, ligament and tendon tension
  • Faster rehabilitation of the injured area or body structure


Are you ready to include dry needling in your next session? Our team is ready to help you find exactly the right combination of therapies for your injury. Contact us today, and let us know that you want to try dry needling in your next therapy appointment.