Two methods that may raise back pain treatment effectiveness

Effective Back Pain Treatments

When your back is in pain, it can be difficult to do even simple daily tasks, like getting dressed. At Franklin Rehabilitation, we know how to treat all types of back pain, but there are two specific methods that we can use (when needed) that may increase the effectiveness of the treatment you receive.  


At Franklin Rehabilitation, our number one goal is to offer you the most effective physical therapy possible to meet your needs. A big factor in reaching this goal is our personalized patient care. We want to get to know you and listen to your therapy goals, because it will help us to develop the best treatment plan for you. For instance, there are two back pain treatment techniques we may use that may help to reduce your back pain more rapidly. 

Two of our most effective back pain treatment methods

We have many back pain treatment methods at our disposal. Read below to learn more about two methods we use that may help you deal with your back pain more effectively. 

Dry needling

The first of these methods is dry needling. We know that the word “needle” may cause you some anxiety about this form of treatment. However, we can assure you that this procedure isn’t as painful as you may imagine. In fact, there’s typically very little discomfort for you during this procedure. This is because the needles we use are fine filament needles and not the larger needles found on syringes. We’ll place these needles in your back muscles to generate an involuntary muscle movement. The movement will then help to release tension in your muscles that may be increasing your back pain. 

Electrical stimulation (TENS)

A second method we may use in your treatment plan is electrical stimulation. Our team typically uses this method at the same time as dry needling. It involves us attaching a wire to the needles placed in your back muscles. These wires will be attached to a machine that creates a small electrical charge, and this charge will flow through the wires, down the needle and into your back muscles. The electrical charge will allow our team to intensify the tension release started by the dry needling. We can also make this muscle movement go on for longer with electrical stimulation, which may reduce your back pain even further. 


We don’t want you to live with back pain any longer, which is why we’re proud to offer treatment methods like dry needling and electrical stimulation. We also want to help you begin your treatment as soon as possible. Contact our team at Franklin Rehabilitation online or by phone to begin your back pain treatment now.