Ultrasound helps with migraine treatments in Franklin, WI

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a beneficial form of physical therapy, but you may never have considered how it may help with migraine treatment in Franklin, Wisconsin. However, there’s a physical therapy team in your area that can help you get this effective form of treatment.


Franklin Rehabilitation has two locations in the Franklin, Wisconsin area. From these locations, we’ve been helping patients with many types of conditions get great physical therapy. We always use a personal touch to create the most effective treatment plan for you. One condition that people often seek our help for is migraine headaches, and we often use ultrasound therapy to treat this type of head pain.

How our ultrasound therapy may benefit your migraine treatment in Franklin, WI

Migraine treatment in Franklin, Wisconsin is so much easier thanks to the team at Franklin Rehabilitation. Our team knows that migraines are caused by issues like restricted blood flow and high muscle tension. These migraine-causing issues are commonly found in areas like your shoulders, neck and upper back.


Our team may be able to treat your migraines more effectively with ultrasound therapy. In fact, we often pair it with other types of treatment like massage and dry needling. Our ultrasound therapy is possible thanks to the high-frequency sound waves. We use ultrasound machines to generate these sound waves. The sound waves then enter your muscles and cause them to vibrate. The vibrations may help your muscles to loosen and reduce your muscle tension. These vibrations may also help to increase the blood flow in your muscles. By targeting these two migraine symptoms with our ultrasound therapy, you may experience a reduction in your migraine pain. Regular applications of our ultrasound therapy may even help prevent future migraines.


Is migraine relief something that you’re desperately searching for? The Franklin Rehabilitation team is here to help you. We offer free 15-minute screenings that may help you determine the cause of your migraines. We can then use ultrasound and other therapies to create a treatment plan for you. This plan may help reduce your pain and the frequency of your migraines.


Are you ready to start your migraine treatment at one of our two offices in Franklin, Wisconsin? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.