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balance disorder

According to a report from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 15% of adults had a balance disorder in 2008. Applying this percentage to today’s adult population means that almost 38 million U.S. adults may be living with a balance disorder. 

Residents of Franklin, Wisconsin, can find balance disorder treatment from a physical therapist. These treatments can help treat many types of balance problems, and they can also reduce the anxiety such disorders often cause. 


What is a balance disorder?


A balance disorder is a condition that makes a patient feel unsteady or dizzy. Several of these disorders are a result of inner ear problems. 

The inner ear is a critical structure when it comes to balance. This structure is made up of a number of loop-shaped canals in the ear, and these canals contain fluid and sensors that help control your balance. These hair-like sensors also help the brain monitor the position of your head. However, infections, damage and other issues can affect the inner ear. In turn, such issues can make it more difficult to maintain your balance. 

There are other issues that may also be causing your balance disorder. For instance, certain medications may result in dizziness and other balance issues. Arthritis can also cause damage to the joints that makes it harder to keep your balance, especially when moving about. Issues like eye problems, low blood pressure and head injuries can also lead to a balance disorder. 


What are some symptoms of a balance disorder?


There are many symptoms that patients with a balance disorder may experience. The most common of these symptoms is dizziness. Dizziness is the sensation you’re losing your balance, and it’s often accompanied by vertigo. Vertigo is the feeling that your surroundings are spinning around you. Both of these symptoms are common in people who have balance disorders. 

Another common balance disorder symptom is fear of falling. If you have a balance disorder, it’s natural to be worried about falling and injuring yourself. However, this anxiety is increased for many people because it’s often hard to predict when dizziness will strike. In addition, this anxiety may be increased by other balance disorder symptoms. For instance, you may stagger while walking, or you may often feel lightheaded. Blurred vision, confusion and disorientation are other symptoms that may increase your anxiety.


Find balance disorder treatment at Franklin Rehabilitation


Franklin Rehabilitation has two clinics in Franklin, and our team has lots of experience treating balance disorders. Creating the best balance disorder treatment plan for you starts with a one-on-one evaluation. This will allow us to determine exactly what’s causing your balance issues. Our team will then bring together many physical therapy methods to build a plan that’s personalized to your needs. This plan may include therapy techniques such as: 


  • Manual therapy
  • Therapeutic stretches
  • Targeted strengthening exercises

Are you ready to take the next step to reduce your risk of falling and decrease your anxiety? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.