Three treatments for a pulled ligament in the back

Experiencing a pulled ligament in the back can be a debilitating setback that takes you away from work, sports, and hobbies and can even start to strain relationships. While this condition can often improve in a short period of time, if the pain lasts for longer than a few days to a week, then it may be time to seek treatment. 

So often, a pulled ligament occurs due to a sports-related injury or improper lifting technique while on the job. In these and other cases, physical therapists are uniquely qualified to identify the factors, such as postural or mechanical issues, that lead to this injury. From there, they can help you develop a comprehensive treatment plan designed to get you back to your previous activity level. 

At Franklin Rehabilitation, we believe in patient education and getting you the help you need to find relief. That’s why we’re sharing this guide to some of the specific treatments for a pulled ligament in the back. If you have questions or want to know more about our range of treatment options, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Specific physical therapy options for a pulled ligament in the back

After reviewing and assessing your condition and the sources of symptoms, physical therapists will often recommend these treatments for back pain:

  1. Stability exercises — Targeted movements designed to strengthen muscles and connective tissue in and around the back can help take pressure off the injured ligament to relieve pain and promote healing. 
  2. Posture training — This approach helps to evenly distribute weight in the upper body,  decreasing spinal compression and strain on the ligaments in the back. 
  3. Manual therapy — Hands-on movements designed to relieve muscle tension and mobilize soft tissue can help relieve pain and improve mobility. 

A physical therapist can also be a great source of education and knowledge on factors like ergonomics, at-home treatments like cold therapy and lifestyle factors like getting regular cardiovascular exercise to promote healing. 

Expert care for a pulled ligament in the back

When you come to Franklin Rehabilitation, our caring team will make it a point to provide one-on-one individualized care. We understand that no two patients and conditions are alike, which is why we take a true collaborative approach. Want to learn more and schedule your initial appointment? Contact us today.