Four reasons why physical therapy after back surgery is important

4 Reasons Why Physical Therapy After Back Surgery Is Important

While it is usually seen as a last-resort treatment for many spine conditions, back surgery can be a necessary and highly effective form of treatment if conservative options have been exhausted. However, even with less invasive forms of spine procedures, there is still a significant amount of recovery and rehabilitation involved. 

Whether you received physical therapy while still under the care of your surgical provider or you were given instructions for therapeutic exercise, it’s important to continue focusing on this key area of your recovery. We’re sharing the following overview to help educate patients on the benefits of physical therapy after back surgery. 

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How physical therapy helps post-operative back surgery patients

Patients should work with a physical therapist after undergoing back surgery because therapy can help in these specific ways:  

  1. It promotes the healing process — Any type of back surgery, even minimally invasive procedures, involves some degree of disruption to soft tissue around the spine. Physical therapy can help get blood flowing and relieve tense muscles to ensure optimal healing. 
  2. It improves mobility — Patients are often eager to resume daily activities as quickly as possible after surgery. A therapist is trained to help patients learn safe movements that decrease strain on the back. 
  3. It prevents muscle atrophy — Although rest is important, being overly sedentary after surgery can be associated with a breakdown of muscle tissue. This can have adverse effects on recovery and overall strength and mobility for post-operative back surgery patients. 
  4. It lowers the risk of reinjury — By strengthening the muscles around the spine, patients can enjoy decreased pressure on the surgical area. This reduction in stress can make it more likely to experience lasting relief while lowering the risk of other areas getting injured. 

Physical therapists can also help you better understand how lifestyle factors like posture, diet and regular exercise can help with long-term spinal health and the shorter-term recovery process. 

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