What to do if you’ve had recurring tension headaches for a week or longer

Suffering From Tension Headaches for a Week or Longer?

Headaches of all types are extremely common, with the World Health Organization estimating that nearly half of the adult population has had at least one headache in the last year. Tension headaches are perhaps the most common form of headache, causing mild to moderate pain that most people describe as feeling like a tight band around their head. Typically, tension headaches are supposed to subside in a short period of time, but what happens if they become persistent?

Recurring tension headaches that go on for a week or longer require attention. Instead of turning to the bottle of pain medication, it’s important to look for and address potential underlying causes. This is where a physical therapist can help. 

Seeing a physical therapist for relief of ongoing tension headaches

Physical therapy is a treatment discipline that is based on taking a natural and functional approach to treatment. While you may associate it with injury or post-surgical rehabilitation, it can also be extremely effective in relieving pain. This includes tension headaches. 

Tension headaches are still not fully understood, but they are believed to be caused by a range of factors including: 

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Poor posture
  • Improper nutrition and hydration
  • Ergonomics
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Neck issues

Physical therapists are uniquely qualified as musculoskeletal experts to help you identify the underlying physical causes of your tension headaches and develop an effective treatment plan. Methods including posture training, therapeutic exercises, myofascial release, electrical stimulation and manual therapies can all be used to improve functioning and relieve tension around the head. You can also discuss lifestyle strategies to help lower your risk of regularly developing tension headaches. For example, even small changes like better eating habits, taking short breaks and improving posture while at work can go a long way toward preventing the onset of headaches.

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