Three benefits of telemedicine for physical therapy

benefits of telehealth

Telemedicine is another term for virtual health care, which allows patients and providers to connect via videoconference to discuss treatments and prescribe medications. In the world of physical therapy, telemedicine allows patients to connect with the physical therapist to continue treatment from the comfort of their own homes. 

There are many reasons why a patient may choose telemedicine physical therapy, such as limited ability to leave home or a compromised immune system. In fact, there are three main benefits why patients are opting for virtual physical therapy sessions more and more lately. Check them out here and contact our team at Franklin Rehab if you’re interested in learning more about telemedicine for physical therapy.

  1. Fewer canceled appointments — Your progress in physical therapy depends on how many sessions you complete and how often you are able to receive treatment. One of the main benefits of telemedicine for physical therapy appointments is that it lowers the occurrence of you having to cancel an appointment due to transportation issues, mild sickness or injury recovery that prevents you from leaving your home.
  1. Home setting — While there are obvious advantages to being home, one of the top advantages to receiving physical therapy at home is that you can walk your physical therapist through some of the normal household activities you perform. This will help your physical therapist tailor your program to fit your specific needs. For example, do you have difficulty getting out of bed due to a recent surgery? You can set your video camera to show your physical therapist exactly what you are having difficulty with so your therapist can instruct you on certain exercises to help. Because of this, telemedicine for physical therapy provides a more personalized treatment experience. 
  1. Better life adaptability — Sometimes our best laid plans go awry. Life is busy, and when the baby is sick or your child care is canceled, finding time to make your physical therapy appointment becomes infinitely more difficult. Or, when you get scheduled into a last-minute meeting at work and now you’re not able to take that longer lunch to make it into the PT clinic, keeping your appointment sometimes feels impossible. For these occasions, one of the benefits of telemedicine for physical therapy is that you don’t have to cancel your session. Telemedicine allows your appointments to adapt with your day. 

To learn more about the benefits of telemedicine for physical therapy or to schedule a virtual physical therapy appointment, contact our team at Franklin Rehab today; most insurances do not require a referral from your physician.