Do I need treatment if I have neck pain when looking up?

neck pain when looking up

There could be many factors that are causing your neck to hurt when you look up. Something as simple as a tight neck muscle from sleeping in the wrong position could cause some pain when you tilt your head upward. Another common cause of neck pain when you look up is strain in your muscles due to staring down at your phone or computer screen all day. This is particularly common among people aged 50 and younger. 

The cause of your neck pain is definitely a factor in whether you need treatment, but you won’t really know the cause until you consult with a physical therapist. There are a few indicators to consider when figuring out if you need treatment for your neck pain, such as:

  • How long your neck has been hurting — If your neck just started hurting, and your pain is relatively mild (you can still move through it and it’s not inhibiting your normal activities), the pain may go away on its own. The general rule of thumb is that if your pain is mild and lasts less than two weeks, you typically do not need to see anyone. However, if your pain is more severe and/or lasts longer than two weeks consistently, you should schedule an appointment with a physical therapist.
  • The severity of your pain — The level of your pain is a good indicator of whether you should seek treatment. If your pain is mild and goes away on its own, it’s likely that you don’t need treatment. However, if your pain worsens over time and/or makes it difficult to complete your daily activities or hobbies like golf or walking the dog, it may be time to seek treatment from a physical therapist.

One of the most common treatments for chronic neck pain is physical therapy. Most insurances will allow you to schedule a physical therapy appointment without a doctor’s referral. 

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