Six benefits of physical therapy exercises for lower back pain

physical therapy exercises for lower back pain

When you’re struggling with long-lasting back pain, the last thing you think you want to do is exercise. However, exercising is at the core of most physical therapy treatments.


It turns out that physical therapy exercises for lower back pain are beneficial in many different ways. Physical therapy exercises are always gentle and within your range of capability. You perform them under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist who can determine exactly which exercises will be beneficial for your needs.

Discover some other benefits of physical therapy exercises for lower back pain. 

Six benefits of physical therapy exercises for lower back pain

  1. Personalized care — Rather than going to the store and buying generic pain medication for your lower back, a physical therapist can provide personalized, custom care. They can examine your condition to identify your needs and the specific course of treatment appropriate for them.
  2. Reduced pain — One of the primary goals of physical therapy is to help reduce and prevent pain. Physical therapy exercises, stretches and other treatments help improve the strength of your muscles, which provides better support for your joints and helps reduce pain.
  3. Increased range of motion — Eliminating pain in your lower back may be your priority, but second to it is probably improving your range of motion. Back pain and stiffness keep you from fully bending or twisting your back. A physical therapist can help you restore these movements.
  4. Reduced chances of injury and harm — By improving the condition of your back with physical therapy, you can lower your chances of developing other conditions or injuries related to your back pain.
  5. Reduced dependency on medication — Pain medications can cause unwanted side effects and be addictive. Physical therapy helps treat your pain without needing to rely on medications.
  6. Reduced need for surgery — Surgery is usually a last-resort treatment option for pain. Without any treatment for prolonged pain, surgery may eventually be necessary. However, you can reduce your chances of needing surgery by treating your pain early with physical therapy.

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