Five benefits of treating top of the ankle pain with physical therapy

top of ankle pain

An occasional sore ankle is a normal part of life. Maybe you ran too long or did too much heavy lifting. Usually, mild soreness goes away on its own after a little time. However, when you have prolonged top of the ankle pain, you may have a condition that requires treatment.

Often, top of the ankle pain is caused by tendinitis, but it could also be related to a sprain, strain or fracture. If you suspect you have a condition that is causing prolonged ankle pain, you should visit a physical therapist for an examination and treatment.

Benefits of physical therapy for top of the ankle pain

Treating ankle pain with physical therapy offers you many benefits, including:

  1. Reduced pain — Physical therapy aims to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles and soft tissue around the injured area. Stronger and more flexible muscles and soft tissue in this area help provide support for the injured ankle joint or tendons, which can help reduce pain.
  2. Improved range of motion — Stronger and more flexible muscles and soft tissue around your ankle are able to provide more movement than stiff and weak muscles. This can help you move around while recovering from your condition and afterward.
  3. Improved balance — Top of the ankle pain can make it difficult to balance, which increases your risk of getting hurt from a fall. Physical therapists can guide you through balance exercises that can help keep you on your feet while recovering from your condition.
  4. Reduced need for medications — Treating top of the ankle pain with medication can be a problem because some medications are addictive and cause undesirable side effects. Physical therapy can help address your condition and limit your need for such medications.
  5. Reduced need for surgery — Prolonged pain can grow to a point where surgery might be the only effective treatment option. The problem with this is that surgery is expensive, risky and painful. Physical therapy can help lower the need for surgical intervention.

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