Three reasons you’re feeling throbbing knee pain

Throbbing Knee Pain

Pain can come in many different forms. For instance, some knee issues can trigger a sharp or shocklike pain. Others can cause an aching or throbbing pain in your knee. Understanding what’s causing your specific type of pain is important if you want to treat your pain effectively. 

Knee pain is something that far too many people are familiar with. One medical study reports that knee pain affects about 25% of adults at any given time. Working with a physical therapist is one way to figure out the reason you’re feeling throbbing pain in your knee. Physical therapists can help you find effective treatment options for your knee pain, too. 

These are three reasons you might feel throbbing knee pain

There are several issues that can cause an aching or throbbing sensation in your knees. Three of the most common reasons for such sensations are: 

  1. Knee osteoarthritis — The knee joints must move under the load of your body every day. The result of years of movement is often a wearing out and inflammation of the knee structures, which is called knee osteoarthritis
  1. Patellar tendinitis — There is a tendon that connects your kneecap to your shinbone. This is known as the patellar tendon, and it can start to ache or throb when it becomes inflamed. These symptoms are common to a condition called patellar tendinitis
  1. Knee bursitisBursae are sacs filled with fluid, and they help reduce friction between soft tissue and bones. There are several bursae in your knee. These bursae can become inflamed and painful, which is called knee bursitis

What can physical therapists do to treat your throbbing knee pain?

Identifying the reason you have a throbbing pain in your knee is just one way a physical therapist can help you. They can also help treat your pain. These specialists can build you a unique therapy plan that contains specific therapy methods designed to decrease your pain. Some of the therapy methods that may be used in your plan include: 

  • Joint mobilization sessions designed to move your knee through its normal range of motion and improve joint mobility. 
  • Aquatic therapy that focuses on reducing pressure on your knee while you’re doing therapy exercises. 

Find help with your throbbing knee pain at Franklin Rehabilitation

Fed up with the throbbing pain in your knee? Our Franklin Rehabilitation team is prepared to help you find physical therapy that can reduce your pain. We’ll first do a free screening on your knee to reveal the cause of your knee pain. Next, our physical therapists will build you a customized therapy program intended to decrease your pain now and prevent it from returning in the future. 

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