Three roles a physical therapist can play for your migraines

Physical Therapy for Migraine

Do you occasionally start seeing an aura or spots of light in your vision? Do you then develop a headache that lasts for hours or even days? People who answered yes to these questions are likely dealing with a type of headache known as migraines. 

Unfortunately, migraines are a very common issue in this and many other countries. One headache study reports that migraines are the third most common type of headache. The National Headache Foundation reveals that nearly 40 million Americans have migraines. 

Physical therapists can play multiple roles for your migraine headaches. These roles are all geared toward helping you find effective treatment for your migraines. 

Three of the roles physical therapists can play for your migraines:

  1. Educator — Treating your migraines effectively starts with understanding them. Physical therapists can help you learn important information about this type of headache. They can help you determine what factors trigger your migraines, such as certain foods, poor posture or stress. They can also help you learn about migraine treatment options. 
  1. Exercise coachTherapeutic exercises are one treatment option that physical therapists often use to address migraines. These specialists can use exercises to meet many goals. Some of these goals include: 

Decreasing pain.

Improving neck mobility.

Reducing migraine frequency.

  1. Posture trainer — Poor posture is a common triggering factor for migraines. Physical therapists can help you find ways to improve your posture. They can show you therapeutic exercises designed to increase strength in the muscles that support your spine. In addition, these specialists can make ergonomic recommendations that can help you maintain better posture at home and at work. 

Find effective physical therapy for migraines at Franklin Rehab

Are you looking for a physical therapy team that offers effective treatment for migraines? Once you’ve found our Franklin Rehabilitation team, your search is over. The free screenings we offer can confirm that the headaches you’re experiencing are migraines. Our physical therapists will then swing into action and build you a custom treatment plan to fit your needs. 

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