Can physical therapists affect how long a stiff neck lasts?

How Long Does a Stiff Neck Last

Most of us will deal with a stiff neck at some point in our lives. For some individuals, it can even become recurring or chronic. A stiff neck can be uncomfortable, or even painful. The tension in your neck can really put a damper on your whole day. It can make it difficult to enjoy your dinner, to play a round of golf or even just to read something.

This leads many people to wonder how long a stiff neck can last. The answer depends on the cause of your neck stiffness and what you do about it. The good news is that physical therapy can be an effective treatment for reducing your neck stiffness. 

How long does a stiff neck usually last?

How long your neck stiffness lasts will depend on what is causing it in the first place. Neck stiffness can be caused by a variety of different factors. It may be the result of lifestyle choices like athletic activities that strain your neck muscles. It could be postural, caused by poor sitting or standing posture that strains your neck throughout the day. Physical therapy can address these problems and more to provide you with neck pain relief. 

How a physical therapist can help

Some of the most common techniques a physical therapist may recommend for reducing neck stiffness include: 

  • Therapeutic exercises — Strengthening your neck muscles can help reduce neck stiffness. Stronger muscles support the head and reduce tension caused by a weak neck. Your physical therapist can instruct you in specific therapeutic exercises to perform for strengthening your neck. Having a stronger neck can take the daily stress off your spine. They may also show you stretching techniques to decompress your spine and loosen the neck muscles.
  • Ergonomic adjustments — Your posture has a big impact on neck stiffness throughout the day. Your physical therapist may evaluate your posture to determine if any ergonomic adjustments are necessary. Sometimes neck stiffness can be caused by something as simple as a bad chair. Practicing good posture reduces neck stiffness. Good ergonomics can make a world of difference for your neck pain.

How long does a stiff neck last? With Franklin Rehab, not a day longer than it has to!

Most of us will deal with neck stiffness in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with it. Physical therapy can be an effective way to reduce your neck pain. Our team at Franklin Rehabilitation has years of experience treating neck conditions. We are prepared to build you a personalized treatment plan designed to tackle your neck stiffness. 

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