What can a physical therapist do for a back injury you developed at work?

Back Injury at Work

If you’ve injured yourself at work, you’re not alone. There are nearly 2.9 million workplace injuries in the U.S. every single year. Many Americans work jobs that can put strain on their bodies over time; the back is especially susceptible to the wear and tear encountered on the job. You can strain your back by lifting heavy objects or having poor posture at work. The good news is that physical therapists are specialists in back injuries at work. 

If you injured your back at work and need to get back on the job, a physical therapist can help. Physical therapy can be an effective way to manage your back pain and help you return to work with confidence.

Physical therapy for a back injury developed at work

Here are some benefits for seeing a physical therapist after injuring your back at work:

  • Managing your pain You can’t do your job if you’re in pain. Professional attention from a physical therapist can help provide pain relief. There are a variety of techniques that can reduce back pain like targeted stretches and manual therapy. These techniques can stimulate your muscles while recovering and help ease tension in your back.
  • Reduced recovery time Professional oversight can help reduce your recovery time after an injury. While nobody wants long-lasting symptoms from an injury, the worst part for employees can be missing work. A physical therapist can build you a specialized treatment plan that promotes healing and can help you recover more quickly. This plan can include simulating the work environment to help condition the body for returning to the job while preventing another injury in the future. 

Have you sustained a back injury at work? Franklin Rehabilitation is ready to help you get back on the job

Your job is your livelihood, and getting injured at work can be frustrating and stressful. Our team understands this. We are prepared to help provide you relief for your back pain. Our specialists at Franklin Rehabilitation are experts in treating work-related injuries. We are prepared to build you a personalized treatment plan that helps you return to work with confidence. 

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