Three ways physical therapy can be helpful for ankle pain in Milwaukee, WI

Physical Therapy for Ankle Pain in Milwaukee

Just what is ankle pain keeping you from doing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? Is it keeping you from playing in those friendly Saturday pickup football games? Maybe it’s keeping you inside instead of being able to go out and walk your dog or play with your kids. 

Milwaukee residents are no less susceptible to ankle pain than other Americans. Many of us probably make up some of the 15% of people who experience frequent ankle pain. You might think that ankle pain will just continue to affect your daily life, but people in Milwaukee who turn to physical therapy for their ankle pain often find they experience many benefits. 

Three benefits physical therapy can offer for your ankle pain

Physical therapy can offer many benefits for people with ankle pain. That sounds like a bold statement, but physical therapists can work hard to make it true for you. Why? They are extensively trained to treat musculoskeletal pain, including ankle pain. A few of the benefits your physical therapist will work hard to provide for you include: 

  1. A comprehensive diagnosis — Your ankle hurts. You might think that statement is all the diagnosis you need, but such a general statement doesn’t tell you very much. Physical therapists can do a physical exam to pinpoint the source of your pain. They can also reveal underlying ankle, foot or lower leg issues that are contributing to your pain. By doing so, they can help you completely address the source(s) of your ankle pain. 
  1. Cutting your pain — A multitechnique physical therapy plan can be a powerful pain-reducing tool. One ankle sprain study found that to be true. The study involved treating patients with a combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercises. This combo helped reduce patients’ pain by about 70% in just four weeks. 
  1. Helping you avoid chronic instability — You may think of ankle sprains and other ankle pain causes as temporary. Physical therapists know better. These specialists are aware that one ankle sprain can often lead to others and an issue called chronic ankle instability (CAI). This issue leads to feelings of instability in the ankle and repeated ankle sprains. A CAI study that included medical professionals from the University of Wisconsin found that about 20% of adults who had a lateral ankle sprain develop CAI. Physical therapists can help improve the strength and function of your ankle, which can help reduce your chances of developing CAI. 

Find physical therapy for ankle pain at Franklin Rehab

Ankle pain sufferers who live on the southern fringes of Milwaukee can find physical therapy for ankle pain by taking a short drive to Franklin, Wisconsin. It is here that our Franklin Rehabilitation team is ready and waiting to help address your pain. Our team offers free screenings that are designed to help diagnose both direct and underlying causes of your pain. We also excel at building personalized treatment plans intended to slash your pain and supercharge your recovery. You can even use our services if you don’t have a referral from your doctor.

Contact our team today for more information about ways we can address your ankle pain or to schedule an initial appointment.