Getting Off On The “Wrong Foot” Can Set You Back.

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64% Of People Report Substantial Decrease In Back Pain And Faster Recovery When Treatment Incorporates An Exercise Program.


Studies Show Exercise Relieves Back Pain, Decreases Cardiac Risk, Reduces Blood Pressure and Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes, Slows Aging, And Even Treats The Symptoms Of Depression.


Exercising – Simple Right?
Well, yes, but if you want more from your exercise than just recreation and to enjoy all the health benefits it has to offer, you need the right program. The best results from exercising depend on three key ingredients:


The right “dose” of frequency and intensity to deliver on the promise of better health. Depending on your health status, you may be capable of more than you feel ready for, or less. Your experienced physical therapists will help determine the appropriate amount for you and help monitor your progress safely. Keep a log and track your progress.


The right mechanics: Many people compensate for weakness, aches, and pains when they exercise. Eventually, these compensations can lead to additional pain and problems. Physical therapists evaluate your form and recommend strategies that will help you avoid unanticipated problems.


The right shoes and equipment: Have you ever had footwear that made your feet sore? When possible, take extra care to get fitted by a recommended orthotist – you won’t believe the difference.