What causes muscle pain in the front of the neck?

front neck muscle pain

When most of us think of pain in the front of our neck, we think of a sore throat. While this is certainly common, it’s not the only reason you may have pain in the front of your neck. If you have pain in this area of your neck and it’s not a sore throat, it’s likely to do with your muscles.

Possible causes of muscle pain in the front of the neck

There are a number of conditions that can affect the muscles in the front of your neck. In many cases, you may experience some mild soreness or a cramp in this region from overexertion or poor posture. However, if you have long-lasting or intense pain in this area, it may be connected with one of the following:

  • Strain — A strain is a stretched or torn muscle. It can occur in your neck for several reasons, including traumatic injuries or poor posture. One example of strain in the neck is called text neck, which is what occurs when you spend hours every day looking down at your smartphone.

    You can reduce your risk of strain by keeping your neck straight and taking frequent breaks to move around if you sit all day at work.
  • Whiplash — Whiplash is an injury to the muscles, ligaments and tendons in your neck that occurs when your head jerks forward and backward suddenly. This motion is common in car accidents when your vehicle suddenly stops but your head and neck keep moving forward. This can affect many areas of your neck, including the muscles toward the front.
  • Tendinitis — Repetitive activities involving the neck or shoulder muscles can irritate the tendons in these areas. This can lead to tendinitis, which is a painful form of inflammation in your tendons. Tendinitis can affect the tendons near the front of your neck, which causes tendon and muscle pain.

Visit Franklin Rehabilitation for neck pain treatment

Do you have front of the neck muscle pain that makes it difficult to move your neck? Our physical therapists at Franklin Rehabilitation can examine your condition and guide you through a treatment to help with the pain.

We always personalized treatments to the needs of each client, but you can generally expect your treatment to include:

  • Gentle stretches 
  • Light exercises
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Joint mobilization
  • Posture guidance

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