Had a stiff neck for months? These three things could be the reason why!

Stiff Neck for Months

You go through life with your neck feeling like a plank of wood every day, and you’re tired of it. If this describes your daily life, no one would blame you for being sick of it. 

Many people would even empathize with you since they also deal with neck stiffness and pain that lasts for months. Just how many people are dealing with these neck symptoms? Medical research shows that up to 50% of Americans develop neck pain annually. 

People who have had a stiff and painful neck for months can find help from a physical therapist. These specialists can diagnose the cause of your symptoms, and they can help you find effective treatment for neck stiffness and pain, too. 

Three factors that could be why you’ve had a stiff and painful neck for months: 

  1. Computer screen height — Spending hours looking at a computer screen is normal for many of us. But, how high or low your screen is could be why your neck has felt so stiff and painful. Looking down or up for hours while you’re on the computer can lead to tense, sore muscles. It’s these stiff, aching muscles that are often a source of the neck symptoms you’ve been dealing with. 
  1. How much you’re looking at your cellphone — Many of us also spend hours per day looking at our cellphones. Unfortunately, we usually hold it in a way that causes us to spend all that time looking downward. This position puts a lot of pressure on the neck muscles, and it can leave them feeling weak, stiff and achy. 
  1. Your sleeping position — This factor may be to blame for your neck stiffness and pain if you feel it when you first wake up in the morning. Some people sleep with too many or too few pillows under their head. Both positions can put your neck muscles in stressful positions all night, especially if you sleep on your side. Stomach sleepers may often sleep with their neck in poor positions as well. 

Franklin Rehab is ready to help you treat the neck stiffness you’ve felt for months

Keen to get rid of the neck stiffness and aching that has plagued you for months? Our team of physical therapists at Franklin Rehabilitation is ready and willing to help you do so. We can do a free screening of your neck to pinpoint the issue or issues that are triggering your stiffness and pain. Next, our specialists can develop an individualized physical therapy plan for you that’s designed to reduce your symptoms and prevent their return. 

Contact our team today for more information about our neck pain treatment options or to schedule an initial appointment.