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Franklin Rehab – Free Screening

backpainOur first responsibility to you is to determine the correct course of treatment for your unique situation – whether that means a course of physical therapy or referral to a physician for more medical testing. As you will see in the description below, our intention is to do everything we can to put you on the right track to improve your condition. If that means referring you to someone else, that is exactly what we will do.

When you book your complimentary screening, we will send you a pre-first visit package that will include forms you can fill out to help us determine how we can best help you. These forms can also be accessed here. Our receptionist can help you complete any sections of the form you may have questions on.

Your Franklin Rehabilitation Physical Therapist will discuss this information and the nature of your ailment to determine whether physical therapy treatment is appropriate or not. If therapy is recommended, we will be happy to schedule a full evaluation for you.

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Free Screening