How to get relief from neck pain when working with a physical therapist

How to Get Relief From Neck Pain

Your neck hurts every time you turn your head to talk to someone. When you pull up to a stop sign and look for traffic, your neck pain spikes. Anyone who can relate to any of these scenarios is likely desperate to learn how to get relief from neck pain. 

How many people are living out such scenarios every day? Unfortunately, there are a lot. A medical survey reports that up to 79.5% of people experience neck pain in any one-year period. The high number of people living with neck pain is the biggest reason so many are trying to find out how to get relief from neck pain. 

While physical therapists can’t promise to relieve your neck pain, these medical professionals offer treatment methods that can help treat your neck pain. However, there are some things you’ll need to do if you want to reduce your neck pain with physical therapy.

Three things that can help improve your chances of relieving your neck pain with PT: 

  1. Actually going to see a physical therapist — There are scores of people who don’t take advantage of the help physical therapists offer. One 2011 study reveals that less than 10% of the people who can benefit from physical therapy use it. Don’t fall into the category of physical therapy non-users. Increase your chances of treating neck pain successfully by going to see a physical therapist. 
  1. Asking your physical therapist questions — Physical therapists are motivated to help you understand the source of your neck pain. The reason? Understanding the cause of your pain can help you understand why your physical therapy is so important. In turn, this can motivate you to give 110% to your therapy program. If you don’t understand something, it’s important to ask your physical therapist about it. Asking questions can help you build your understanding and keep you more engaged in your physical therapy. 
  1. Making physical therapy a part of your daily routine — Often, adding physical therapy to your daily routine is how you can get relief from neck pain. Going to in-clinic sessions is vital to your treatment, but people tend to recover from neck issues faster when they put additional time into their recovery. This is the driving force behind physical therapy staples like at-home exercise programs. Such programs are created by your physical therapist to fit your needs. Additionally, doing your exercises more frequently can help reduce your pain more rapidly. 

Franklin Rehab can help you find out how to get relief from neck pain

Trying to get relief from your neck pain? Our physical therapists at Franklin Rehabilitation offer treatment programs designed to help reduce neck pain. Coming to see us for a free screening is a common starting point for our patients. Our team can then create a customized physical therapy plan for you that’s intended to decrease your pain and stop it from coming back. 

Contact our team today for more information about our neck pain treatment options or to schedule your initial appointment to start tackling your pain.