A Sneaky Problem For Physical Therapy Patients – Mild Dehydration, So Ask Me About Coconut Water!

what coconut water can do

There are different levels of dehydration from mild to severe, but as a physical therapist, I am more interested in the mild. Why? With moderate to severe dehydration, symptoms like nausea, thirst, headache, and dizziness become obvious, and the problem is dealt with. But many people approach mild dehydration with no symptoms at all, many people show little sign other than thirst.


Why is it important to take extra care to be well hydrated while you are physically active getting massages or physical therapy? Water composes 75% of all muscle tissue and 25% of fatty tissue; therefore if you are mildly dehydrated while healing from an injury or after putting any stress to the body the tissues have a difficult time allowing nutrition and other fluids to help flush out the inflammation that has been building up in the tissue.  When you are well hydrated, the body is able to flush out the inflammation from the tissues more efficiently while you are getting therapy or performing exercises. Staying hydrated speeds up the healing process and decreases the amount of pain and soreness you are feeling.


Obviously, the most common way to hydrate is drinking water, but there are other liquids that can hydrate you better than water like coco nut water. Coco nut water is now as a super food full of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes also known as Natures Gatorade. You may also try drinking 8oz of natural lemon aide with a teaspoon of sugar and salt this combination allow the body to absorb the nutrients and fluids to hydrate faster. Foods that will hydrate you would be watermelon, papaya, cucumbers, and celery.