Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain may be one of the most debilitating conditions that you’ve ever experienced. The team at Franklin Rehabilitation knows how debilitating this condition can be. This why we’re ready to assist you with physical therapy that may be able to reduce your chronic pain.


Types of chronic pain that we treat

One in four Americans suffer from chronic pain on an annual basis. This means that more than 75 million people are dealing with chronic pain every year.

At Franklin Rehabilitation, our team of dedicated physical therapy professionals can help you find physical therapy methods that may help reduce or stop your ongoing pain.

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We may be able to assist you with a variety of different types of conditions that may be causing your pain. One such condition is chronic headaches and migraines. These forms of head pain may include tension headaches, vascular migraines, cluster headaches and others. Some of these types of headaches aren’t usually chronic. But, any one of them can become chronic without some form of treatment, such as physical therapy.

Another condition that may be causing you chronic pain is back and neck pain. Although most people might put these two types of pain in separate categories, they’re often linked together. Indeed, issues in your back or neck can cause you almost constant pain. Such issues may include muscle tension, blood flow restrictions and soft tissue injuries.

Another issue that may be causing your ongoing pain is shoulder pain. Pain in your shoulder may be the result of several issues, such as muscle, tendon or ligament impingement or tears. Rotator cuff problems have also been known to cause long-term pain.

The Franklin Rehabilitation team has experience dealing with all of these chronic pain conditions. This is why we may be able to help you put this pain behind you with physical therapy treatments.

Therapy methods that we may use for your chronic pain treatment

The team at Franklin Rehabilitation has an arsenal of therapy techniques that we can use to assist you in your battle with chronic pain.

One of the therapy techniques that we may use to assist you with your pain is manual therapy. Manual therapy manipulates and massages the soft tissue structures in your body. Our therapists can use this method to help with chronic pain in places like your neck, back and shoulder.

In addition to manual therapy, we commonly use exercises to help treat chronic pain. Exercises can help to strengthen the area surrounding damaged joints, as well as take the pressure off of pinched nerves and other pain sites. We use targeted exercises to help improve strength and mobility, and to reduce chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system.

Other complementary methods of treatment we may recommend include:

  • electrical stimulation
  • ultrasound therapy
  • dry needling

Using these and other physical therapy methods, our team will help you reach a specific goal. This goal is reducing or maybe even eliminating your chronic pain.

How you can start dealing with your chronic pain at Franklin Rehabilitation

At Franklin Rehabilitation, our team of physical therapists can develop a physical therapy plan for your chronic pain. This plan can help you deal with your chronic pain thanks to our three-step physical therapy process.

As the first step in this process, we’ll have you come into the office and take part in an initial evaluation, which will allow us to determine exactly what’s causing your pain.

The next step in this process will be working together with our physical therapists to design a personalized therapy program that targets the specific areas of your body causing your pain.

Finally, our team will assist you in creating a do-it-yourself home therapy program that may help to prevent the recurrence of your chronic pain.

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For more information on Chronic Pain Treatment options, download our Chronic Pain Guide here. 


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