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Patrick – Franklin Rehabilitation client

Meet Patrick – a client of Franklin Rehabilitation who is back on his running game because of treatments with Jenny Riley. He’s pain-free, running faster and running better. Next goal – his first marathon! Click to watch his video testimonial here: Client Testimonials

pain free, franklin rehab, franklin rehabilitation, milwaukee, franklin, physical therapy, chronic pain, migraine, balance, active lifestyle, gym near me, healthclub

Gwen G – Franklin Rehabilitation client

Gwen had knee pain and osteoarthritis. Being an avid gym-goer, she was disappointed that pain was keeping her from leading an active lifestyle. After physical therapy at Franklin Rehabilitation, she’s back to doing what she loves. Click to watch her video testimonial here: Client Testimonials

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Patrick did a great job identifying my shoulder problems and setting me on a course for recovery. We changed some daily habits and the stretching and exercise program worked great. I would definitely come back for future issues.

– Mike P.

I am now able to bend my leg with little or no pain! My goal was to be walking, biking and returning to tennis, which I am now confident, will happen. An active lifestyle is uppermost to keeping a healthy mind. I’m aging with confidence because of my ability to do things I enjoy. It’s critical! Thank you, Patrick!

– Nikki H.

Weight bearing is still a problem (ie., doing stairs or getting up after sitting for a long time). Sleeping is much better. My hip doesn’t hurt as much.

– Panogiaza D.

Far more mobility in everyday activities. I’m able to do steps easier. Gained more confidence on uneven surfaces.

– Pam A.

After four weeks of therapy, I can enthusiastically report that I feel so much stronger and more confident. I am able to do my activities with no leakage and that is very liberating.

– Anonymous

Since I started therapy here at Franklin Rehab, I have greatly improved and I’m very happy with my progress. During therapy, I’ve seen therapists with great continuity of care. My home exercise program is monitored continuously to be assured that I’m doing them correctly and my confidence has increased in working independently at home. My activities have increased and my pain is better managed. I would highly recommend the services offered here at Franklin Rehab to anyone. I’m always greeted with a friendly smile from the office staff and care from highly professional and skilled therapists.

– Suzanne F.

Worked on strength of inner muscles of hips and concentrated on good posture while walking to equalize pressure on both hips. Balance is much better.

– Norm O.

I was comfortable coming to this facility because I had a previous experience with Patrick. I was sure that if I followed his instructions, I could improve the way my knee felt.

– Coreen M.

Tunnel vision is much better. Nausea is gone. Dizziness is much better.

– Jason C.

My back is feeling a lot better. I can now do more physical activity.

– Sarah M.

I think that there are some small improvements. I can stand longer which allows me to get more done in the house.

– Pat H.

When I first arrived, I couldn’t drive or sit with a bent knee for more than a half hour without intense knee pain. Now, after several weeks of progression, I can drive and sit for several hours without pain. When I do have pain, it isn’t near as severe as it has been. I believe with continued stretching and strength training, I will be back to normal. Thank you!

– Donn J.

My shoulder pain is less and I’m able to move better. The tension/pain in my neck has diminished. I am continuing to do my exercises that help and give me more flexibility. I have learned a lot about the right way to move.

– Therese T.

Patrick helped me with neck pain and poor posture. I spend many hours working at a laptop computer because I am a teacher and a student. When I first started therapy for a very sore and stiff neck, Patrick thoroughly assessed my workstation set up, ergonomics and my lifestyle. I started a therapy program that included neck massage therapy, home exercises and most significantly adjusting my work station. I will proudly report I changed “everything” he suggested at my workstation and noticed much less neck pain and increased movement of my neck. Today, we continue to work towards future goals, so I do not develop permanent neck problems. IT is up to me to do my exercises, and Patrick continues to help with the ergonomics. I am extremely satisfied and grateful for the expertise and care.

– Marijo R.

Adjusted sitting position from leaning always to one side, to sitting up straight. This has reduced back pain. Also, strength exercises are helping no matter what position I am in.

– Greg M.

Right foot had extreme pain between big toe and second toe. I feel significant decrease in the pain – maybe 20-25% less.

– Mary H.

I couldn’t have dreamed how much physical therapy in the pool would help me! I feel so much more limber – especially in my hips. I have done many things on land to improve my flexibility and strength, but nothing has helped like the water therapy. I am so glad my doctor sent me here and hope this will continue to help me face my future with Arthritis.

– Carrie A.

I can do daily chores easier now. I can actually sleep through the night without hearing sound in my head. I can walk into a place and not have my ears feel the pressure difference between spaces. I can do daily tasks without having a headache or neck hurting. I have a lot more balance.

– Rosemarie B.

Started with vertigo due to inner ear infection. I was very dizzy and often lost my balance. The therapists at Franklin Rehab helped to greatly improve symptoms. They were very helpful. Symptoms are completely gone and I’m back to normal. Would highly recommend Franklin Rehab.

– Andrew K.

Previously very dizzy – unable to look down or turn head. Great difficulty using my head; getting in and out of bed. Now, I’m able to do stretches that previously would have exacerbated the problem. I’m no longer experiencing dizziness for the most part, although some still remains. I have less tension in my neck. I’m able to drive myself with caution and not experiencing as much spinning.

– Michelle L.

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