What you can do to shorten your post-surgery rehab

Shortening Your Post-Surgery Rehab

Getting post-surgery rehab can be a very positive step for you to take. However, there is also something you can do that may increase the benefits of and even shorten this rehab. 


At Franklin Rehabilitation, we have been helping people with post-surgery rehabilitation in Franklin, Wisconsin for years now. We strive to treat you like an individual and not a number. We’ll work to develop a physical therapy plan that has the greatest possible benefit for you. One thing we may include in your surgery recovery plan besides post-surgery rehab is pre-surgery therapy. 

How pre-surgery therapy may benefit your post-surgery rehab


Our team is well aware that post-surgery rehab can be very beneficial for you. But, we also know that starting your therapy before your surgery may increase those benefits significantly. 


For one thing, pre-surgery therapy helps you get comfortable with us and our office. We know that many people feel anxiety in medical facilities, and we also know you may be even more anxious around strangers. These are both perfectly understandable and natural reactions, especially when you’re in pain. 


Our team can help you deal with both of these anxieties with pre-surgery therapy sessions. These sessions will give you an opportunity to become comfortable with the therapists on our staff that’ll be working with you after your surgery. They’ll also allow you to get accustomed to our office and the therapies you’ll be doing there. By relieving these two sources of anxiety before your surgery, our team can help put you in a more positive mental state that’ll benefit your post-surgery therapy. 


We can also use pre-surgery therapy to create a stronger physical base for your surgery recovery process. We’ll have you take part in many different therapies that may help in many ways. For instance, the therapeutic exercises we have you do may help improve muscle strength and may also help to stabilize joints and other body structures before your surgery. Helping you increase your muscle strength and joint stability before your surgery will allow our team to avoid starting from square one after your surgery. This may, in turn, mean we can help you spend less time in post-surgery recovery. 


Are you planning to have surgery soon? Would you like to try pre-surgery therapy with our team? No problem! You can come to us directly for a free initial assessment. Contact Franklin Rehabilitation now to schedule your initial assessment and start benefiting from our therapy before your surgery.