Dry needling may play a vital role in treating muscle pain

Muscle Pain Therapy

You may not know what dry needling is or how it can help you. But the team at Franklin Rehabilitation can tell you that it’s a method you should consider if you’re struggling with muscle pain.


At Franklin Rehabilitation, our Franklin, Wisconsin offices are here to help you with all your physical therapy needs. Our personal touch to physical therapy is just the sort of treatment you’re looking for. Having a personal touch means that our team is always willing to listen to your therapy questions and concerns. In fact, it’s this information that allows us to develop treatment plans and goals specifically for you. A condition that our personal touch is particularly helpful with is muscle pain, and we can help you create an effective plan for this type of pain thanks to therapy methods like dry needling.

How dry needling may help with your muscle pain

Dry needling, also known as intramuscular manual therapy, may not be a form of therapy you’ve ever heard of. However, our team can tell you that it makes a beneficial addition to therapy plans for muscle pain. Your muscle pain is often the result of issues such as overly tense muscles, and we can deploy many types of therapy to help. These therapies may include treatments like soft tissue massage. The problem with this type of therapy is that it can’t reach muscles that are far below the skin.


This is where our intramuscular manual therapy comes in. We perform this type of treatment when you’re experiencing pain in muscles further from the surface of your skin. Our therapist will use thin filament needles to reach trigger points for your muscles, which results in a twitch response that may help reduce your muscle tension. We may also be able to use this therapy to reduce your muscle pain since it helps release pain-causing tension.


You may be worried about the fact that needles are used for this type of therapy. However, our team assures you that we can usually complete a treatment with a minimal risk of pain. In fact, many of our patients describe the sensation as being like the poke of a toothpick.


Teaming intramuscular manual therapy up with massage therapy may be helpful for you. It may be helpful because our team may be able to reduce pain in many more of your muscles by combining these two therapies. Franklin Rehabilitation wants to help you find out more about how dry needling may be helpful for your pain treatment. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.