Orthopedic physical therapy in Franklin, WI

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

If you’re living with chronic pain or if you’ve been injured, you should see an orthopedic physical therapist for treatment. Physical therapists are licensed healthcare professionals who focus on treatments that address physical conditions.


At Franklin Rehabilitation in Franklin, Wisconsin, our physical therapists are diligent in learning the latest techniques and technologies for treating our patients. We always personalize treatments to the needs of an individual. Two people coming in with the same injury may receive entirely different treatments.

Common orthopedic physical therapy treatment methods


  1. Manual therapy — These are techniques that require your physical therapist to use his or her hands to manipulate parts of your body. These manipulations can help reduce pain and pressure and improve your range of motion.
    There are many forms of manual therapy that can be used as part of our treatments. Your physical therapist will be able to review your condition and decide what’s best for you. 
  2. Electrical stimulation — Electrical stimulation is a treatment that can help keep your muscles strong during recovery.
    Your physical therapist will place electrodes around the injured area and connect them to an electric device. This device delivers controlled charges to the electrodes, which causes the muscles to contract and release. These contractions assist with reducing pain and improving your recovery speed. 
  3. Ultrasound — An ultrasound device produces ultrasound waves that penetrate deep beneath the skin. These sound waves can increase the temperature in the injured area to help improve blood flow. Ultrasound waves can also help reduce inflammation and swelling. 
  4. Dry needling Dry needling can help reduce tension in your muscles that cause pain and affect your mobility.This treatment involves the use of sterilized needles that penetrate the muscles underneath your skin. It may look like acupuncture, but it produces medically proven results.

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