Two treatment options for foot and ankle pain

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When you have foot and ankle pain, going to see a physical therapist may be the best way to reduce your pain. This is because great physical therapy teams have many evidence-based therapy methods at their disposal, and they can include the most effective of these in your treatment plan. However, there are two types of physical therapy methods that are almost always included in foot and ankle pain treatment plans.

Two common physical therapy methods for foot and ankle pain treatment

The foot and ankle are both complex body structures, and they each contain many bones, muscles and other types of soft tissue. It’s important that physical therapists use multiple types of therapy to help reduce pain in both body parts, and there are two therapy options that are often used for foot and ankle pain treatment.

  1. Manual therapy – Manual therapy is a technique used to manipulate the muscles surrounding a joint and to improve joint mobilization. In the event that you have suffered from a torn muscle or injured Achille’s tendon, manual therapy is a great option to help reduce your pain and improve your mobility.
  2. Pattern re-education – Pattern re-education refers to movement pattern retraining to allow patients to run and walk with proper form, all while decreasing the stress placed on the joint.

In some cases, we recommend that these therapies be accompanied by other physical therapy treatments in order to bolster a patient’s recovery.

There are many physical therapy options for foot and ankle pain treatment at Franklin Rehabilitation

Franklin Rehabilitation is dedicated to helping you find the most effective possible treatment for your foot and ankle pain. However, we may also include therapy options in foot and ankle treatment plans such as:

  • Dry needling
  • Manual therapy
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Therapeutic stretches

Let us create a plan for you that’s designed to fight back against foot and ankle pain. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.