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Slipped Disc Treatment Without Surgery

A slipped disc is actually a nonmedical term that can refer to a wide range of spine conditions, but no matter what your specific diagnosis is, we understand the debilitating effect it can have on your quality of life. It’s a common misconception that an issue like a slipped disc automatically means spine surgery. The fact is that many people diagnosed with spinal conditions are able to find meaningful relief with nonsurgical options, especially physical therapy. 

A qualified physical therapist can provide high-quality slipped disc treatment without surgery by using a number of specific techniques. We’re providing the following information to help you better understand your options and make an informed treatment decision. As you review the following quick overview, we welcome any questions or requests you have and invite you to contact us at any time. 

How can physical therapy help problems related to the spinal discs? 

The spine plays a highly important role in both the musculoskeletal system and the central nervous system. It simultaneously supports the upper body and protects the central nervous system as it travels from the brain to the extremities. To allow for the flexibility required for bending and twisting, the individual vertebrae are cushioned by spinal discs. However, these discs can become easily damaged and injured due to age-related changes and the tremendous stress they’re placed under on a daily basis. This can result in conditions like a herniated or bulging disc that are often referred to as a “slipped disc.”

To help relieve the pain and mobility problems associated with a slipped disc without the need for a highly invasive surgery, a physical therapist has a range of techniques at his or her disposal. Methods like therapeutic exercise and manual therapies can accomplish the following treatment goals: 

  • Strengthen supporting muscles to take the weight off the discs and spinal nerves  
  • Relax tense muscles to relieve pain and increase mobility
  • Provide manual techniques to tendons and ligaments to increase range of motion
  • Retrain your movement patterns to decrease stress on the spine 
  • Work on flexibility to decrease the stress to the spine

Patients can also receive instruction on at-home stretches and exercises as well as healthy lifestyle choices like good posture and an anti-inflammatory diet. 

Franklin Rehabilitation can help you find slipped disc treatment without surgery

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