How physical therapy can help a pulled muscle in the middle back

Pulled Muscle in Middle Back

While it’s a relatively minor condition, a pulled muscle in the middle back can be a significant source of pain and debilitation. A pulled muscle, also called a muscle strain, in the middle back can be related to injury, repetitive motion, poor posture or other factors. For many people, symptoms can improve in a short period of time, but in other cases it can become a chronic, recurring condition.

To ensure a proper recovery and lower your risk of reinjury, working with a physical therapist is a highly recommended course of action. To help you understand the benefits physical therapy offers for a pulled muscle in the middle back, we’ve created the following overview. 

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Working with a physical therapist for pulled muscle relief

No matter what the direct cause is, pulled muscles are usually related to mechanical and postural issues in the body. Irregular movements or improper posture when lifting, twisting or running can put increased strain on muscles throughout the body. If a pulled muscle in the middle back occurs, a physical therapist can help address these underlying factors to ensure the likelihood of the condition healing correctly. 

To help evaluate and treat this condition, a therapist will generally take the following steps: 

  • Review your medical and treatment history
  • Ask you questions about your pain and how it was caused
  • Discuss your current activity level and treatment goals
  • Make recommendations for treatment options, including strength and stability exercises and soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques
  • Provide instruction for healthy lifestyle choices and at-home exercise and treatments

Committing to a physical therapy program can promote the healing process by giving you a stronger and more flexible body that can better withstand the daily activities you’re performing. 

Pulled muscle treatment at Franklin Rehabilitation

At Franklin Rehab, our caring and dedicated team can help you develop an individualized treatment plan designed to help you overcome middle back injuries on a long-term basis. We understand that everyone is different, which is why we believe in patient-centered care delivered on a one-on-one basis. 

To learn more about receiving treatment for a pulled muscle in the middle back, contact us today. We’ll be glad to help you schedule an initial appointment with one of our experts.