Relief for sharp neck pain for patients in Franklin, WI

Sharp Pain in the Side of Your Neck

If you’re experiencing a sharp pain in the side of your neck, there can be a wide range of causes. From a minor strain or sprain to conditions like arthritis, problems are common in the neck due to the amount of flexibility in this area combined with the stress it is regularly put under. 

For sharp neck pain that doesn’t improve in a very short period of time, it is important to seek assistance from a qualified medical professional. In many cases of a diagnosed neck condition, physical therapy is a recommended form of treatment that can be highly effective. 

People in Franklin, Wisconsin, who are suffering from a sharp pain in the side of their neck can turn to the caring team at Franklin Rehabilitation. To help you understand how physical therapy and rehabilitation can offer relief, take a moment to look over the following information. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have or help you learn about our wide range of treatment options; just contact us at any time. 

Physical therapy for neck pain

Depending on the diagnosis, your physical therapist can take a number of different treatment pathways. Physical therapy typically involves a combination of active and passive techniques with the objective of increasing strength and range of motion in the neck while relieving pain. Relief can be accomplished the following ways: 

  • Using manual therapy to relax tense muscles and mobilize soft tissue and joints
  • Posture training to evenly distribute stress throughout the neck
  • Therapeutic exercises to strengthen supporting muscles for better stability in the neck and relieve pressure on nerves
  • Movement pattern retraining to decrease the stress to the neck with reaching activities

Combined with at-home treatments and exercises that your therapist can provide instruction on, in-clinic sessions can help promote the long-term health of the neck and lower the likelihood for sharp pain. 

Work with the neck pain experts in Franklin, WI

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