Physical therapy for a herniated disc to help Franklin, WI, patients find relief

Herniated Disc Physical Therapy

A herniated disc can be a source of debilitating pain. In addition to local pain and irritation, displaced disc material can cause nerve compression in the spinal column that leads to radiating symptoms in the extremities. While many people associate a herniated disc with spine surgery, this condition is often treatable with conservative methods such as physical therapy. 

To help patients in Franklin, Wisconsin, find the relief they deserve, Franklin Rehabilitation provides physical therapy for herniated discs and other spine conditions. To help you better understand this condition and how physical therapy can help, we’ve prepared the following guide. 

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Herniated disc physical therapy overview

Herniated discs can be related to factors like injury, poor posture and being overweight, and abnormal forces due to poor body mechanics. These forces cause the jelly in the center of the disc to migrate, causing cracks and fissures, and if left for long enough it will progress to a bulging or herniated disc.

Physical therapy can help patients manage a herniated disc and promote overall spine health in the following ways: 

  • Strengthen the muscles and soft tissue around the spine to take pressure off the disc and any affected nerves
  • Provide posture and stability training to help evenly distribute pressure and eliminate harmful movements
  • Utilize manual therapy to mobilize joints and soft tissue to increase spinal flexibility and range of motion
  • Provide education and instruction on lifestyle modifications that can improve spine health outside of physical therapy sessions

In many cases, herniated disc physical therapy requires patience and commitment on the part of the patient to find the right mix of treatment options. Clear communication and rapport between patient and therapist are extremely important to ensure the best possible outcome. 

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