Physical therapy exercises for tension headache sufferers in Franklin, WI

Physical Therapy Exercises for Tension Headaches

If you’re tired of turning to a bottle of pills every time you develop a tension headache, it may be time to consider exercises with a licensed physical therapist as a form of treatment. Tension headaches can have any number of triggers, but as the name implies, muscular tension is always at the root. Physical therapy exercises can work in a number of different ways to help manage, treat and prevent tension headaches.

To help tension headache sufferers in Franklin, Wisconsin, find the long-term relief they deserve, our experienced clinicians can work with you to develop a program of effective physical therapy exercises and other treatments. 

Developing your physical therapy exercise program to treat tension headaches

Physical therapy is an all-natural, highly personalized approach to treatment. When you first meet with your therapist, he or she will perform an evaluation to determine the potential causes of your tension headaches and what the most effective course of treatment will be. This should involve a review of your medical history, posture and movement tests, and a physical examination of your shoulders, neck and head. 

Therapeutic exercise is a cornerstone of every physical therapy plan. By performing targeted movements, strengthening exercises, gentle stretches and other exercises, you can achieve the following goals for headache relief: 

  • Relax tense muscles and connective tissue
  • Identify positions and movements that contribute to tension headaches throughout the day and take steps to correct them 
  • Identify areas of decreased motion causing increased stress to the body

You can also receive important instruction from your physical therapist regarding lifestyle and ergonomic factors that can contribute to the onset of headaches. 

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