Franklin, WI, patients — how to maximize the effectiveness of physical therapy for chronic pain

Effectiveness of Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain

Suffering from chronic pain can have a devastating and wide-reaching impact on your quality of life, no matter what the cause is. From fibromyalgia to arthritis, chronic pain can not only affect your ability to perform basic activities, but it can also erode your relationships and mental health. If you’re living with chronic pain, it’s important to keep a positive attitude because there are effective treatments even if you’ve been diagnosed with a nonreversible condition. 

In particular, physical therapy should be a core part of any comprehensive treatment plan for chronic pain. For patients in Franklin, Wisconsin, who are trying to overcome pain and related symptoms related to a wide range of conditions, our team is here to help. If you’re wondering about the effectiveness of physical therapy for chronic pain, we’re sharing some tips on how to get the most out of your treatment. As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for answers to any of your questions or if you’d just like to learn more about treatment options. 

Tips for effective physical therapy treatment for chronic pain

Every person and condition is unique, which means that the most effective treatment program will vary from person to person. This is why it’s so important to receive personalized care from a provider you can communicate effectively with. To get the most effective treatment possible from your physical therapist, here are some tips you can utilize: 

  • Keep a journal of your symptoms and what treatments seem to help or hurt. This detailed information can give your therapist a deeper understanding of your pain and the best way to treat it. 
  • Be patient and expect a degree of trial and error. In physical therapy and other disciplines, it can take some time to find the most effective combination of treatments for you and your condition. 
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle. In addition to your in-clinic sessions, factors like eating a healthy anti-inflammatory diet, practicing proper posture and getting regular exercise can have a huge impact on your overall health and help make your physical therapy more effective. 

With patience and persistence, anyone can manage chronic pain — and the right physical therapy partner can give you the best possible chance. 

Effective physical therapy for patients in Franklin, WI

If you’re ready to reclaim your life from chronic pain, contact Franklin Rehab today. When you speak with us, we’ll help you schedule your initial appointment and tell you all the necessary steps to start your treatment journey with us.