Stiffness in the hips after sitting — can physical therapy help?

Stiffness in Hips After Sitting

People with hip conditions and injuries can experience a wide range of symptoms that affect them in different ways. For example, some people are more likely to deal with stiffness in the hips that develops after sitting for a period of time. When combined with other symptoms, this can be a difficult problem to deal with that can have an effect on your activity level and quality of life. 

If this is the case with you, it’s important to do a couple of things. One is to stay active as much as possible. While sitting for prolonged periods of time may be more comfortable than dealing with the stiffness that comes after, being overly sedentary has the potential to worsen the problem. 

The other thing you should do is take a proactive role in your treatment. Whether you’re dealing with a hip injury or a chronic condition such as arthritis, a physical therapist can help address stiffness in the hips with a targeted treatment plan. 

Steps to physical therapy for hip pain and stiffness

To develop an effective program for your unique needs and symptoms, the first step is for your therapist to perform a thorough evaluation. This typically includes the following steps: 

  1. A discussion of your specific symptoms and current activity level
  2. A review of your health history and any previous treatments attempted 
  3. A hands-on physical examination to identify painful areas
  4. Movement and posture tests to determine how your mechanics could be contributing to hip stiffness

From there, physical therapy sessions will generally involve a combination of therapeutic exercises and manual therapy that can be both actively performed by the patient and passively performed on the patient by the therapist. The overall objective is to improve the function of the hips by strengthening the surrounding muscles and loosening the soft tissue while also improving flexibility and range of motion. By taking these steps, you and your therapist can make it easier to overcome stiffness after sitting and other common hip issues. 

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