How a physical therapist can help prevent lower back pain

Working With a Therapist to Prevent Lower Back Pain

We ask a lot out of our lower backs as we go about our daily routines, from supporting our upper body to allowing for a full range of movements by bending, twisting and flexing. These important roles put tremendous strain on the lower back and contribute to the relatively high frequency of injury in this part of the body. While everyone has to deal with some degree of lower back pain, in many cases it is relatively minor and passes in a short period of time. 

However, for others it can become chronic and debilitating, leading to severe disruption of activity level and quality of life. While there is no way to prevent lower back pain completely, there are ways to reduce the risk of it becoming a serious issue. 

Ways a therapist can help reduce the risk of developing lower back pain 

By focusing on the body’s natural function and biomechanics, physical therapy can be highly effective in not only treating back pain when it develops, but also preventing it. Here are just a few examples of the spine-friendly benefits that you and your therapist can work on:

  • Improving your posture — Our posture has a huge effect on the stress that is placed on the lower back. Proper posture elongates the spine and evenly distributes pressure, which can help reduce pain and contribute to the long-term health of your back. Physical therapy often involves guided posture training. 
  • Strengthening your core — A strong core is critical for properly supporting the back and potentially preventing pain. With targeted therapeutic exercises, your therapist can help you learn to activate and strengthen these muscles.
  • Staying active — Exercise is extremely important for lower back pain prevention, helping to keep muscles strong and flexible while also improving cardiovascular health and helping with weight management. Physical therapy plans for lower back pain prevention typically include guided exercise sessions to help achieve a more active lifestyle. 

Many patients are looking to prevent lower back pain because they have dealt with it in some form in the past. In these situations, working with a physical therapist can be an essential part of your prevention strategy. 

Experienced lower back pain treatment at Franklin Rehabilitation

At Franklin Rehabilitation, our compassionate therapists have decades of combined experience in treating lower back pain at its source. By isolating and identifying the biomechanical issues that contribute to lower back pain, we can help you develop a comprehensive plan that includes therapeutic exercises and manual therapy. 

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