Balance exercises for elderly patients in Franklin, WI

Balance Exercises for Elderly Patients

Fall-related injuries become a serious risk as we get older. For senior patients, falls can result in a crippling loss of function and mobility, which is why fall prevention is such an important treatment goal for this group. Balance and stability training can achieve this by helping the body learn, or relearn, more stable movements through targeted techniques, including balance exercises. 

We understand that being physically active becomes more difficult with age, which is why we believe in the importance of keeping patients motivated and positive as they seek treatment. If you’re an elderly patient in Franklin, Wisconsin, our talented and friendly team of therapists can help you develop a program that includes balance exercises and other techniques designed to help you stay stable. Take a moment to read the following brief and informative guide, and if you have any questions or would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

How our therapists can keep you positive and motivated about balance exercises

It’s common for patients to see physical therapy as difficult or even grueling, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. One of the most important things you can look for in a therapist is someone who takes a compassionate and friendly approach to treatment. Everyone has different needs, and the right therapist should take you seriously if you’re looking to make balance and stability training as fun as possible. 

Yes, you will still need to do the work and overcome some important obstacles, but here are just  a few of the ways therapists can make balance exercises both fun and effective:

  • Having a positive and friendly attitude
  • Making it into a game by setting mini goals
  • Helping you understand your progress and feel rewarded by it 

Don’t forget to smile too. Did you know that just smiling while exercising has been shown to have a motivating effect? By having a positive mindset about physical therapy, even when it’s hard, you can give yourself a better chance of staying on track and accomplishing your treatment goals. 

We’ll help make balance training rewarding at Franklin Rehabilitation

At Franklin Rehabilitation, we place a high value on individualized care to meet the unique needs of our patients. Our fun and friendly team has decades of combined experience in helping patients of all ages achieve wellness and a healthy and active lifestyle. If you’re in need of balance and stability training, we can help you develop a personalized program that’s right-sized for you. 

To schedule your initial appointment, contact a member of our caring and dedicated team today.