Your golf game could be suffering because of hip tightness

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The hips are vital to many normal daily tasks. They allow your legs to swing forward and backward while you walk or run. They let you bend down to pick up your grandchildren. In spite of how important the hips are, you might not have considered how tight hips can affect your golf game. 

What negative effects can tight hips have on your golf game?

It’s estimated that more than 34 million Americans played golf in 2019. Hip strength and motion plays a crucial role in optimizing the golf swing. It also dramatically affects your ability to shoot low scores. Each player’s swing is a little different, and each person has different impairments leading them to compensate in certain areas. 

One of the more common impairments noticed is hip tightness. Hip tightness can lead to issues with your golf game that include: 

  • Impaired takeaway or follow-through
  • Decreased stance stability
  • Increased pressure on the back and knee during golf swing
  • Increased likelihood of early extension during downswing

These issues could be causing hip tightness when you’re playing golf

Dealing with hip tightness that affects your golf game starts with understanding why your hips are tight. Many issues can lead to tightness in the hip muscles; one of the most common is sitting for too long every day. Unfortunately, this is an issue that many golf players are likely to have. After all, research shows that the average American sits for about six and a half hours per day

Some other issues that commonly cause hip muscle tightness are: 

Franklin Rehabilitation can help reduce your hip tightness

There are many ways that our Franklin Rehabilitation team can help golfers who are dealing with hip tightness. We can perform a complimentary screening that can help identify the flaws in your hip movement. This service can also reveal the impairments that can lead to acute or chronic injuries. 

Additionally, our team can build you a personalized therapy plan designed to treat hip impairments, and addressing them could lead to performance enhancement and lower golf scores. Even better, you don’t need a doctor’s referral to start using our therapy services. 

Contact our team today for more information about the therapy services we offer or to schedule an initial appointment.