How physical therapy helps treat migraines

Physical Therapy for Migraines

Headaches are a common part of life. They can occur for many different reasons at many different times throughout your life. Often, they are minor and easy to ignore or treat with rest and pain medication. However, some types of headaches are more serious, such as migraines. These do not go away easily on their own and can benefit from the professional assistance of a physical therapist.

Physical therapy treatments work by treating the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons in the body that may be related to pain or a condition. So, when it comes to your head, you may be wondering how physical therapy can help.

How physical therapy helps people with migraines

The exact cause of a migraine is not always known, but it is generally related to an issue with the trigeminal nerve, which runs throughout your face and head. This nerve pain may be caused by physical factors, such as bone, muscle or joint pain in the neck, head or facial structures. These are areas that physical therapy can treat to help reduce migraines.

Treating migraines with physical therapy

Treatments will be different for each person depending on the severity of their migraines and personal factors like age, sex and medical history. At Franklin Rehabilitation, our physical therapists take the time to get to know you on an individual level so we can provide a personalized treatment to help you recover. Our team is skilled in treating migraines and a variety of injuries and conditions by:

  • Improving strength — Stretches and exercises can increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles, ligaments and tendons in your neck. This will help improve support for your head and reduce pressure off your nerves that strain in neck muscles can cause.
  • Improving mobility — Hands-on therapy and guided techniques can help improve the mobility of your neck, which can help reduce pain and pressure that may contribute to migraines.
  • Improving posture — Standing, sitting and sleeping with poor postures are direct contributors to many types of pain, including head pain and migraines. Physical therapists can help you correct your posture so you can experience less back, neck and head pain.

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Are you suffering from long-lasting or frequently recurring migraines? Our physical therapists at Franklin Rehabilitation can help treat your pain so you can get back to enjoying your daily life. Contact our team today for more information about treating migraines or to schedule an initial appointment.