Post-surgical rehab: How post-operative physical therapy may benefit you

Preoperative Physical Therapy

Most doctors try to avoid treating your pain or injuries with surgery if possible. Surgery can be invasive, risky and expensive, and it can be painful to recover from afterward. However, some conditions and injuries are too severe for any other treatment to be effective. In circumstances like these when surgery is absolutely necessary, you can still benefit from physical therapy.

Physical therapists can guide you through post-surgical rehab to help you recover after your operation. 

Benefits of physical therapy for post-surgical rehab

The benefits of physical therapy after an operation include:

  • Reduced pain and inflammation — It is not unusual to be in pain and have inflammation after your surgery. The body is reacting to the trauma of the operation and will take some time to recover from it. Post-surgical rehab can help you manage the pain and reduce the inflammation from your procedure..
  • Improved range of motion and movement — Your condition or injury can limit your ability to move around or perform certain activities independently, such as getting dressed. Physical therapy after your surgery can help you improve your range of motion and mobility, so you can start to regain your independence.
  • Improved quality of recovery — Improving the condition of your muscles, soft tissue, bones and joints after your operation helps improve the outcome of your recovery afterward. Without dedicated rehab after your surgery, some muscle and soft tissue may heal incorrectly, resulting in future pain and other issues down the road.

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