Four benefits of treating chronic neck pain in Franklin, WI, with physical therapy

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You may need neck pain treatment for a variety of reasons. For instance, you may have gotten into a fender bender recently, or perhaps you sit slumped over your desk all day. Regardless of the cause of your neck pain, evidence-based therapies are some of the most effective methods to assist you when you’re looking for ways to reduce your pain.

Of course, there are other treatments for chronic neck pain, such as medication or surgery, and physical therapy may be used in conjecture with either of them. However, medication can cause unwanted side effects or be addictive, and surgery is painful, invasive, risky and expensive. Treating your pain with physical therapy can help you avoid the negatives of these other methods while helping your neck feel better and stronger.

Four benefits of treating chronic neck pain with physical therapy

  1. Reduced need for surgery or medication — As mentioned before, surgery and medication come with negative side effects or unwanted pain and risks that make them less-than-desirable options for many people. Treating your pain with physical therapy can reduce your dependency on these other methods for treatment.
  2. Improved strength — One of the primary goals of physical therapy exercises is to improve the strength of your muscles in targeted areas. Stronger muscles in your neck, shoulders and back can help provide better support for your cervical spine (the part of the spine in your neck) and your head. This improved support helps reduce strain on the spine, which is often the source of chronic neck pain.
  3. Improved range of motion — Physical therapists can guide you through gentle stretches and use hands-on techniques to help improve your range of motion. This helps you turn your head further or to be able to look up and down with less pain.
  4. Reduced chance for future pain — Stronger, more flexible muscles help support your neck and head, which helps prevent painful conditions from developing in the future, such as herniated discs or strains.

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