Four physical therapy treatments for neck pain-related headaches

Neck pain headache treatment

Neck pain and headaches are a normal part of life. Occasional stress, poor posture or overexertion can lead to their development. Usually, this is nothing to worry about. It goes away on its own after a little rest or some home treatment. However, when you have neck pain and headaches that persist for a long time or recur frequently, you may need treatment from a health care professional.

There are a few different treatment options for neck pain and headaches. One that works for many people is physical therapy.

Treating neck pain-related headaches with physical therapy

Your physical therapist’s approach to treating your neck pain and headaches will depend on your individual circumstances. In many cases, the goal is to help reduce tension and weakness in the neck muscles that causes pain that spreads from your neck into your head. Some of the treatments your physical therapist could use include:

  1. Gentle stretches and exercises — Stretching and exercising improves your strength and flexibility. Stronger and more flexible neck muscles are less prone to pain and tension, and they provide better support for your head.
  2. Posture improvement — Poor posture introduces unnecessary strain to your neck and spine, which can cause neck pain and headaches. Physical therapists can help you make posture improvements to reduce and prevent pain.
  3. Soft tissue mobilization — Your physical therapist may use their hands to mobilize the tissue in your neck, which can help reduce tension and break up scar tissue that could be causing your pain.
  4. Patient education — Your physical therapist may provide additional information that can help prevent neck pain and headaches, such as nutritional guidance or some lifestyle advice like to quit smoking or exercise more often.

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