Can I affect how long a herniated disc takes to heal without surgery?

How Long for Herniated Disc to Heal Without Surgery

The answer is that you can definitely affect how long your herniated disc takes to heal without surgery. Physical therapists are one place you can turn for help figuring out how you can do so. 

Herniated discs occur when the outer layer of a spinal disc is damaged. The damage then allows the disc’s inner material to herniate, or poke out. This issue is a common one among Americans, and it’s reported that 20 in every 1,000 adults develop a herniated disc annually. You can work with a physical therapist to determine how long your herniated disc may take to heal without surgery. Your therapist can also offer effective treatment for your herniated disc

How long does a herniated disc take to heal without surgery?

How long a herniated disc takes to heal often ranges between six and eight weeks. Additionally, patients with this condition often heal just fine without surgery. Some steps you can take to help your herniated disc heal faster include: 

  1. Not returning to normal activities too soon — In many cases, herniated discs are caused by lifting heavy objects with poor form. They can also be triggered by other forms of aggressive physical activity. Reducing your recovery time may mean taking time away from such activities. 

Your physical therapist can help you learn which activities you can safely do while you’re recovering. They can also give you an idea of when you can return to your normal activities. 

  1. Managing your weight — Since a herniated disc affects your activity level, it can also affect your weight. Increased weight can put more pressure on your healing disc. This can increase your healing time. Physical therapists can help you find ways to manage your weight, which can help avoid a longer recovery period. 
  1. Going to physical therapy regularly — Some people might not know how beneficial physical therapy can be for a herniated disc. Physical therapy can offer benefits like:
  • Reducing pain.
  • Improving mobility.
  • Increasing function.
  • Decreasing recovery time.
  • Preventing future injuries.

How can physical therapists help you get these benefits?

Your physical therapist can help reduce how long your herniated disc takes to heal without surgery and provide you with other benefits, too. This is possible thanks to the therapy methods they offer. Some therapy techniques that physical therapists can use to help your herniated disc include: 

Franklin Rehabilitation can help treat your herniated disc

Want to reduce how long your herniated disc takes to heal without surgery? Our Franklin Rehabilitation team is prepared to help you meet this goal. We offer free screenings that can confirm your symptoms are being caused by a herniated disc. In addition, our physical therapists are adept at creating customized therapy plans that can reduce pain and decrease healing time. 

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