Can you kneel after a knee replacement?

Can You Kneel After Knee Replacement

Kneeling is one of the movements that knee osteoarthritis can increase the difficulty of. So, many people want to know if they’ll be able to kneel after their knee replacement surgery.

For most patients, the answer is yes. One study on knee replacement patients reports that 68% of those surveyed had no trouble kneeling after recovering from their surgery. However, that leaves a significant number of people who found kneeling difficult after their surgery. A physical therapist can help you kneel again after a knee replacement if you’re having difficulty.

Why can you have difficulty kneeling after a knee replacement surgery?

There are many reasons why it may be harder for you to kneel following a knee replacement. A few of these reasons include: 

  1. Knee feels odd when kneeling — An artificial knee joint isn’t likely to feel exactly the same as your original joint when you’re moving. In many cases, it can feel odd to move your knee in various ways until you get used to it. Often, this can make people feel uncomfortable when they try to kneel and perform other common knee movements. 
  1. Fear of harming the prosthesis — You may also worry that kneeling might damage your artificial knee joint. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), it doesn’t harm the prosthesis if you kneel after surgery
  1. Decreased physical function — Often, the muscles around the knee are weaker after your surgery. This can lead to the feeling that the knee is unstable and make it harder for you to kneel comfortably. 

How can physical therapists help you get comfortable kneeling after a knee replacement?

A physical therapist can work with you on many movements after a knee replacement surgery, including kneeling. A study found that all 36 knee replacement patients who took part in a kneeling protocol were able to kneel after completing all or most of it. Your physical therapist can create such a protocol for you. This protocol may include: 

You can find help with kneeling after a knee replacement from Franklin Rehab

Looking for a physical therapy team that can help you kneel after a knee replacement? Our team at Franklin Rehabilitation is just the one you’ve been looking for. We can do a free screening on your knee to determine why you’re having trouble kneeling. In addition, our physical therapists can create a personalized therapy plan for you that’s designed to: 

  • Improve joint flexibility and mobility.
  • Increase your ability to do normal daily activities, like kneeling. 
  • Reduce post-surgical pain. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can assist you after a knee replacement or to schedule your initial appointment.