Three conditions that can be risk factors for falls

Risk Factors for Falls

Think about some of the things that have caused you to fall down. Your mind will probably turn to objects that you’ve tripped over or that patch of ice on your sidewalk last winter. 

What you might not think about are issues with your body that can be risk factors for falls. However, there are many Americans who need to do so. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 800,000 Americans are hospitalized with fall injuries annually. 

Physical therapists can help you learn some of the medical conditions that can be risk factors for falls. These medical specialists can help you find effective treatment for balance issues, too. 

These three medical conditions can be risk factors for falls:

  1. Vertigo — Dizziness and vertigo is estimated to affect up to 20% of adults every year. Vertigo causes you to feel like the room is spinning around you. It can also lead to difficulty focusing your eyes and maintaining your balance. All these points mean that people who have vertigo are up to 12 times more likely to fall
  1. Lower limb osteoarthritis — The knee and hip joints are both part of the lower limbs. These joints are also some of the most commonly affected by osteoarthritis. This condition causes joint stiffness and pain that can make moving harder. It can also easily cause you to fall. One group of medical researchers report that people with lower limb osteoarthritis are:  
    • 53% more likely to fall if it affects one joint.
    • 74% more likely to fall if it affects two joints.
    • 85% more likely to fall if it affects three or four joints.
  1. Hyperkyphosis — This condition is the name for the hunched posture that many older Americans have. The National Institutes of Health reveals that 50% of older U.S. men and up to about 66% of older U.S. women have hyperkyphosis. This extreme hunched posture can change a person’s center of gravity. In turn, center of gravity changes can make it more difficult to maintain balance. 

Find help reducing your risk factors for falls at Franklin Rehab

Are you someone who is looking for ways to reduce your risk factors for falls? Our team of physical therapists at Franklin Rehabilitation want to help. We can do a free screening to identify the fall risk factors that you currently have. Additionally, our team is adept at building personalized therapy plans designed to reduce these risk factors. Our plans can even help prevent issues that can increase your fall risk. 

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